About Us

Ahskar and Associates (AAA) has been providing multi-level and multi-disciplinary services related to Techno Finance, valuation, risk Management since 2011. Broadly Categorizing, we provide services such as, Valuations and Appraisals. TEV Report, LIE Report, Chartered Engineer’s Certification. , technical analysis, and asset inspection on behalf of banks, financial institutions, NBFCs etc.

With base in Raipur, Chhattisgarh and India. We employ personals who are professionally qualified and competent to provide services in these sectors.

We take pride in providing excellent services to our Clients and have one of the best Client Satisfaction levels in our field. Our clientele reflecting our credentials and capabilities includes Government and Semi-Government Agencies, Banks, Courts and Private Enterprises.

We are constantly expanding our horizons with new ventures and presence in our country. To contact us for our services, please use Contact Us page. You may fill and submit the form provided or contact us directly using the Telephone Numbers provided. We value all our Clients and guarantee that we will provide you excellent services.We are empanelled Banks for valuation of assets Immovable Property (land, & building,Industrial Shed Building / Commercial Complex), Plant & Machinery, Vehicle etc.